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a contemporary movement improvisation romanticizing the process of oxidation captured in a short film

Oxygen and water in their natural form come together to affect another natural element that's been sculpted with intention. This gentil collaboration over time builds a richness and texture. The structure corrodes, it evolves, slowly becoming that by which it's affected.


That whole idea is present in this piece. It's not about avoiding anything. It IS rust. It's romantic. It's not about decay but evolution and togetherness. Contact. A slowness that suggests a timelessness. It really is a beautiful concept to humanize. 

About the now.

About the connection with who and what is around you. Pictured as a dive in the depths of a sun kissed universe, floating and discovering what more there is to what is now. 

To cherish every single little moment and to not let it “rust”.
In dutch rust means rest. Peace and quiet without daily or technological distractions, but with a sole focus on the beauty of connection with your surroundings has never been so important. 

"rust" is an improvised performance by Mathias Goethals & Tars Vandebeek

Filmed and directed by cinematographer Joseph Cavanaugh who also improvised the music later on post production 

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