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A short piece marking the birth of Compagnie Pilolabo

Muttermal is the first creation and marks the birth of our company presenting our work to the world. 

The piece is about how we interpret the interweaving of two different art forms that each one of us knows best, Mathias circus and Tars dance. Finding a mutual movement language starting each from our own art form and daring to explore the other side. 


We expose the grey zone between circus and dance and that there is still so much opportunity to explore! 

The friction that occurs bringing different worlds together is one that speaks on an emotional level.

Slowly the contrast between the two disciplines fades away and is fuses into a new whole. 

Artistic direction and performance Tars Vandebeek & Mathias Goethals

Thank you Dorothee Merg for making our vision for the costume become reality

Costume design Tars Vandebeek

Soundscape by Compagnie Pilolabo / Mathias Goethals with works by musical artists Zaadmodel, Other Space and Anal Device

Original music: Patrick Watson and Rolando Alarcon

With the support of Mad Festival and Het Oude badhuis Antwerpen

This piece has also been produced as a short film in collaboration with the LA based cinematographer Joseph Cavanaugh.

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