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Muttermal is the first piece created by Compagnie Pilolabo.

We were able to produce this piece as a short film in collaboration with the LA based cinematographer Joseph Cavanaugh. 

We created the birthmark of our company to present our work to the world. 

The piece is about how we interpret the interweaving of two different art forms that we know best, circus and dance. Finding a mutual movement language starting from our own expertises.


The main goal for Muttermal was to show a grey zone between circus and dance that has still so much opportunity to explore. 

Since this piece was created to present our compagnie to the world, we aimed on showing a very technical piece with the goal of giving an emotion to the combination of movements.

The contrast between the two disciplines is slowly fading away and is fused into a new whole. 

Schermafbeelding 2022-09-02 om 10.18_edited.jpg
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