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Mathias Goethals


"As a little boy, my dream was to fly."
Since I was a child, I was intensively involved in gymnastics.
I quickly moved on to the top sports centre in Ghent.
During my career in gymnastics, I developed a great urge
for more. I wanted to develop my fantasies and creativity
on a stage. After participating in the 2016 World Tumbling
Championships in Sofia, I decided to go my own way.
I began to immerse myself in the circus world and this is how my love of aerial acrobatics and hand balancing was born.
As an autodidact, I went on to perform as a freelance circus artist at countless events, festivals, theatres, cabarets, etc. both at home and abroad.

In early 2020, I was offered a contract in Macau, China, to
work as a straps artist with Franco Dragone in his renowned show The House of Dancing Water.
During that contract the pandemic broke out and I returned to Belgium to further develop my arts. I created a solo act ‘We Could Be Almost Invincible In Our Vulnerability’ where I got residencies and co-productions at Perplex, MAD festival, Ell circo d’Ell Fuego and Ballet de C de la B. The show was supposed to premiere in the beginning of January 2022 but eventually became a covid-victim due to cancellations. 

Currently I work as a guest teacher at the circus college Codarts, in Rotterdam (the Netherlands) and focus on the inspiration and creativity I find in Compagnie Pilolabo.

"I am enormously inspired to let different art forms flow together. Art is infinite and has the ability to create a connection with each form that is extremely unique.
Reinterpreting and reinventing contemporary circus art is my way of making that connection extremely pure and my own."

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