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Les Hommes Andersom

Interweaving dance and acrobatics

In "Les Hommes Andersom", Tars and Mathias bring their artistic worlds together.

On the cutting edge between ballet, acrobatics, contemporary dance and dance theater, the pair, create a wonderful, new choreographic language.

Compagnie Pilolabo stands for the interweaving of art forms and with "Les Hommes Andersom" the mark is set.

An abstract performance that exposes the connection and tension, between the two artists diving into each other's world.

Be overwhelmed by images, music, movements, materials and what the two artists do with them. Let the performance look at you and get lost in yourself as you watch.

Produced by Compagnie Pilolabo

Coproduction: PERPLX

Artists: Tars Vandebeek en Mathias Goethals

Concept, creation, stage design: Compagnie Pilolabo

Artistic Guidance: Ives Thuwis & Dominique Pollet 

Costume Design: Nadav Perlman

Music: Biosphere, Bauhaus, Noveller, Andrei Dergatchev, 

Compagnie Pilolabo

Light: Dominique Pollet & Hans Valcke

Creation fabric with the help of Naaipunt vzw 

Creative Image: Lennert Madou 

Graphic design: Eline Tsvetkova


Paintings of Vladimir Velickovic

Communication with and without sound, Christine Sun Kim

The experience of a performance, Pina Baush

With the support of PERPLX & Stad Gent 

Thanks to 't Oude Badhuis, MIRAMIRO, MAD Festival, Kunstenlab, De Mindardschouwburg, Ell Circo d’el Fuego, Visavie vzw

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