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Photo's: Selim Say

noun.: fabric / a type of woven fabric

made of half cotton half linen for workwear

noun.: laboratory / research area

Compagnie Pilolabo is a collective creating performances inspired by the interweaving of different art forms.

Tars Vandebeek ( dancer and choreographer ) and Mathias Goethals ( acrobatic artist and creator ) are the founders of this collective. That’s why dance and circus lay at the base of everything. It was important to start close to ourselves and with ourselves to grow from there.

The collective was formed because we were both looking for the same thing; the desire to excel both technically and artistically, each in our art form and the interest to collaborate with other art forms. This is what brought us together, inspires us and drives us.

This collective was formed to give free rein to our creativity and not to function under one vision, but to bring visions together.

We created a platform were every artist can express themselves fully, both on stage and behind the scènes. We want to realize new projects in which several art forms come together, communicate with or without words, feel fully appreciated, and cooperate with the same goal in their own way.

We create performances that can turn around every time and make you discover something different from what was first expected. 


The basic idea of looking at something ( a movement, an idea even an object ) from a different point of view is what we are building on.
Everyone has a different view of everything that can be observed.
The more we explore and try out each other’s, or different viewpoints ( literally and figuratively), the more we can understand each other better on the one hand and creatively surprise each other on the other. Being open and trying things out are central. It brings a playfulness with it, which is important to us.

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